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Churches in Osseo Wisconsin

Elk Creek Lutheran Church Lutheran Rural Route 3, Osseo Wi 54758 715-694-2187
Grace Lutheran Church Lutheran Rural Route 2, Osseo Wi 54758 715-694-2133
Saint Peter Lutheran Church Lutheran E11770 County Road, Osseo Wi 54758 715-597-2431
United Church of Christ Congregational 50712 Main Street, Osseo Wi 54758 715-597-3292
St. Raymond Of Peñafort  Catholic 10455 E. Mallard Road Fall Creek, Wi 54742 715-877-3400
Osseo Evangelical Lutheran Church Lutheran 50351 Harmony Street, Osseo, WI 54758 715-597-3213
Tri-County Baptist Church Baptist 50669 Field Street, Osseo Wisconsin 54758 715-597-2341

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